Cochlear Americas

Cochlear Americas

The Challenge:

One in every 10 Americans (over 32 million) has hearing loss. As baby boomers reach retirement, the number of hearing loss is expected to climb rapidly. Despite these numbers, there is a huge gap in awareness of cochlear implants as a treatment option. Many others associate hearing loss with stigma, instead preferring just to cope (via lip reading or nodding) versus seeking solutions.

The Strategy:

  • Worked with Cochlear™ to commission a survey during Better Hearing and Speech Month to help Americans better understand the impact of hearing loss on personal relationships
  • Engaged directly with consumers online; directed a media summit to unveil survey findings, leveraging Emmy award nominee and actress-singer Kassie DePaiva of “One Life to Live” whose son, J.Q. DePaiva, was born deaf but can now hear with the help of a cochlear implant, as a spokesperson
  • Provided resources for individual grassroots outreach

The Results:

Over 30 journalists, bloggers, patients and healthcare providers attended Cochlear’s first-ever social media summit which generated more than 15 million media impressions.


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