Gilead (HIV in Europe Summit)


The Challenge:

  • Highlight the rising number of people living with HIV in Europe who are unaware of their serostatus.
  • Identify political, structural, clinical and social barriers to optimal testing and earlier care for HIV / AIDS.
  • Promote public health best practices and guidance in Europe, with longevity beyond the meeting.

The Strategy:

  • Leveraged World AIDS Day to organized two-day summit in Brussels where high-profile experts and representatives from WHO, NGOs and EU institutions came together to call for optimal HIV/AIDS testing and earlier care.
  • Engaged internationally renowned experts as Steering Committee members and presenters.
  • Obtained endorsement and sponsorship from academic institutions, non-profit organizations and commercial partners.

The Results:

Media relations conducted around the Summit produced 160 articles published in 23 countries, including BBC coverage.


Phone: 415-235-5031