Media Relations

Media Relations

Media relations and public relations are often thought of as synonymous. Of course, they aren’t the same thing; any PR pro will tell you that media relations is actually a subset of the broader range of public relations services, which can include communications strategy, key messages, a storytelling blueprint, and often content creation and marketing.

Despite rumors of its decline, journalist relations remains a core PR skill and a critical part of what we deliver. There are fewer traditional journalists today than a decade ago, and social media has added an enormous dimension to the equation. Yet, the void has to some degree been filled by bloggers and other non-traditional creators of content. And the journalists who remain now have the potential for greater influence due to social sharing.

Media relations, with its desired outcome of earned media results, is still at the heart of PR because of its perceived objectivity. A company blog about key industry issues, or an online newsroom with stories about employee successes are just two examples of effective branded content. Yet a similar story published in a major newspaper or respected online outlet can often offer greater credibility. “Earned” media and branded content should ideally work together in a comprehensive brand corporate communications program.

It’s nearly impossible to separate social media strategy from PR, given the ubiquity of digital and social media as both a news source and a driver of brand reputation. At Krueger PR, we take a broad approach to media relations, building relationships on your behalf with anyone that can tell your story, regardless of the medium or channel. We understand how to develop and use social media to amplify earned media coverage and build a relationship with a company’s most important audiences and stakeholders.


Consumer Healthcare

Consumer Healthcare

Krueger PR represents a prestigious mix of Fortune 500, established industry players and true disruptors that span the consumer and healthcare industry – from healthcare services, healthcare providers, to health educators, administrators of health insurance, to advocates, and consumer health organizations. We offer end-to-end communications and marketing solutions that help our clients connect with stakeholders and influencers within the healthcare supply chain, and deliver compelling stories about the science, strategy or technology behind a company or product.

Consumer Lifestyle Marketing

Consumer Lifestyle Marketing and Events

We leverage and tap into research to form integrated ideas, driven by great content and creativity, as well as our understanding and focus on influence. Consumer public relations is largely about creating meaningful connections between people and the brands they use, separating observers from participants and loyalists from evangelists to develop strategies that effectively turn influence into advocacy. We excel at building visibility and preference for our clients through every stage of a brand or product’s lifecycle by creating integrated digital, social and influencer campaigns, secure global, national and regional coverage and implement successful large-scale events, press previews, seasonal campaigns and new product launches. We help clients set new strategies and set themselves apart with any audience and through any channel.


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