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The Objective

Case Study: Brightree Digital Experience – Revolutionizing Connected Care

To implement a “4-point Vision Campaign” that outlines Brightree’s connected care strategy to educate key stakeholders on each level of the connected care journey, while showcasing the applicable technology solutions and benefits.


The Strategy

Brightree Digital Experience (Brightree DX) recognized the growing demand for instant communication and personalized engagement in the home-based patient care landscape. To address this need, the company introduced a comprehensive connected care strategy through its intuitive technology platform. The strategy focused on leveraging multiple features and securing byline articles in key industry trades such as HME News, Homecare Magazine, Crain’s New York, along with awards and podcasts. This approach aimed to educate stakeholders on the benefits of connected care and the innovative technology solutions offered by Brightree DX.

With the implementation of the 4-point Vision Campaign, Brightree aimed to highlight the following:

  • Educating stakeholders on the levels of the connected care journey.
  • Showcasing the applicable technology solutions and their benefits.
  • Securing a prominent presence in key industry trades and media outlets.
  • Demonstrating thought leadership through awards and podcasts.

The Results

The 4-point Vision Campaign yielded remarkable results, positioning Brightree Digital Experience as a leader in revolutionizing the digital health and medical technology industry:

  • Increased Industry Presence: Multiple features and byline articles in key industry trades such as HME News, Homecare Magazine, and Crain’s New York amplified Brightree’s visibility and thought leadership.
  • Thought Leadership Recognition: By securing awards and podcast appearances, Brightree established itself as a leading authority in the connected care space, garnering trust and recognition from industry stakeholders.
  • Industry Accolades: The platform was honored with the HME Business 2022 New Product Award, validating its ability to provide a one-stop shop for all provider and patient needs, further solidifying its position as an innovative solution within the industry.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: With over 100 million patients served through Brightree technology, the company remained committed to enhancing the patient-centric experience and improving health outcomes across the care continuum, contributing to a more transparent and accessible patient journey.
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